Dream Big: Study Abroad and Start Your International Career!

On-site event in the Acronis office in Sofia, Bulgaria

The event has ended

14 June, 2022

5:30 PM Local time

About the Event

Learn more about career opportunities through studies in Germany and Switzerland

This exclusive event provided insight into the importance of equipping the next generation of digital leaders with advanced knowledge to solve the world’s most pressing challenges.

Throughout the event, you had the opportunity to hear from our partners at Acronis, an all-in-one cyber protection company, talk about what it takes to start and grow your own business and take a tour of the office to see how a successful global IT company lives and operates.

Plus, participated in a master class by SIT Programming school to learn more about neural networks.

Why Join the Event?

— Discover how education in Germany and Switzerland can influence your future
— Meet alumni from Bulgaria who graduated from Jacobs University Bremen, Germany
 Apply for one of our Bachelor or Master program and learn about our scholarships options
 — Learn about career opportunities in global companies
 Take a tour of the Acronis office
— Take 30-minute master class onneural networks
 Apply for an internship with Acronis, SIT Alemira, SIT Rolos (applicable for university students only)

Invite your friends and colleagues and join the discussion with our speakers and other guests. Bonus: a complimentary pizza dinner will be served after the presentations!

Acronis office NV Tower, G.M. Dimitrov Blvd 59, 1700 Studentski Complex, Sofia, Bulgaria

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Meet Our Speakers

Plamen Toshev

Managing Director at Acronis Bulgaria

Emanuela Kozhushkova

Class of 2008, Integrated Social and Cognitive Psychology
Chief People Officer at Tick42

Peter Tsvetkov

Head of recruiting team, Jacobs University Bremen

Alex Stoyanova

Recruiting team member, Jacobs University Bremen

Olga Kornienko

Head of Talent Recruitment, Schaffhausen Institute of Technology


Agenda & Speakers

Jun 14 Tue

17:30 - 18:00

Welcome and Registrations
Jun 14 Tue

18:00 - 19:00

Welcome and Career Opportunities by Plamen Toshev
Studying abroad: What’s it like? by Emanuela Kozhushkova, Jacobs Alumni, class of 2008
About JUB and SIT: Programs and admission process
Group sessions: Consultations & applications for internships + Tour of the Acronis office

Plamen Toshev

Managing Director at Acronis Bulgaria


Jacobs University Bremen

Jun 14 Tue

19:00 - 19:30

Workshop: Neural Networks in Simple Terms – The First Step in Computer Science
Jun 14 Tue

19:30 - 20:00

Group sessions: Pizza & Networking + Q&A with speakers and guests

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About Master Class and SIT Programming School

Workshop: Neural Networks in Simple Terms – The First Step in Computer Science

Why does Google ask you to mark traffic lights on images? Can a neural network write a joke or a script for a TV show? Can you trick a neural network?

With the SIT Programming School teacher, you will gain insights into what neural networks are and why they are needed. Plus, you will get the opportunity to create a neural network that can learn to play and win a mathematical game without writing a single line of code.

Industry Partners 

Get to know our industry partners and apply for internships.

Representatives from these companies will be with us throughout the event. You can ask questions, learn about the opportunity to work on a master thesis, and apply for an internship.

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SIT Rolos

About SIT and Jacobs University Bremen

SIT is a global institution dedicated to promoting science, education and technology. Headquartered in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, SIT is a growing ecosystem comprised of education and research as well as commercial technology spin-offs, consulting services, and investment funds.


About SIT and Jacobs University Bremen

Thanks to its two english-language campuses – in Bremen, Germany and in Schaffhausen, Switzerland – SIT offers interdisciplinary university programs to students from around the globe. With research and an entrepreneurial mindset at its core, the SIT education ecosystem is a gateway to the most-needed careers in technology and sciences.

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