SIT Insights in Technology Conference 2020

Quantum Business Sciences (QuBuS)

Keynote by Fabio Pammolli

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Quantum Business Sciences (QuBuS)

Prof. Pammolli coined the term QuBuS, which stands for Quantum Business Sciences. In his introduction talk he explains that QuBus is designed to generate a computational, methodological and multidisciplinary platform in data analytics applied to social, economic and business data which leverages on Quantum Computing to deliver cross-cutting edge research.

Quantum Computing is crucial to improve classical machine learning algorithms and computationally intensive statistical analysis. QuBuS is capable to develop novel algorithms for high performance data mining, storage, management, processing and build a set of repositories for the analysis of social and economic data. Advanced processing capabilities, quantum computing infrastructures and learning methods are key for the research developed at QuBuS. In this talk it is discussed that QuBuS act as a key interplay between natural sciences and computer science ; and act as mediator towards applications and societal use.

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Fabio Pammolli
Member of SIT Strategic Advisory Board, Prof. of Economics and Management at Politecnico di Milano

In his research, Fabio Pammolli combines different methods to address a wide range of problems in the analysis of growth, diversification, and instability of firms and economic and financial systems. Over the years, he visited Sciences Po (OFCE), the London School of Economics (Sticerd), Harvard University (Econ), MIT (LIDS), Boston University (Dept. of Physics), Northeastern University, the Italian Institute of Technology.

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