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About the SIT Insights in Technology conference

SIT Insights in Technology Conference is a unique event that gathers the world’s top speakers in Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Quantum Technologies, Advanced Materials, and Business. The year 2020 edition happened online and focused on transformative science and how it can shape a better, more sustainable world. Join the world’s leading researchers, scientists, and entrepreneurs to discuss how we can achieve sustainability through transformative science

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Conference sessions

Science X.0" Openning. Roadmapping Science & Technology Domains

Discover what’s next in science and technology. Access an informed debate on the future, moderated by one of the most renowned Italian scientists in the world. Join the Plenary Session "Science X.0" Openning. Roadmapping Science & Technology  Domains" chaired by Prog. Andrea Ferrari.

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future intelligent materials
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Science Transformation: New Pathways for a Sustainable Society

SIT aims to drive advances in Science, Technology, and Business. This mission can only be achieved by having a closer link between the different areas. SIT Start Garden will support high-tech spin-outs and start-ups to develop and expand their business.

The Tech-Garden session of the SIT Insights Conference is focused on promoting and disseminating the activities of the most promising start-ups in the field of Quantum Technologies, Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Materials, Fintech, and more. Tech-Garden aims to increase the visibility and brand awareness of the start-ups and expose them to a broad audience of scientists, decision-makers, venture capitalists, and students. SIT wants to inspire future entrepreneurs and guide the audience through the wonders of new technologies. Quantum Technologies, Artificial Intelligence, and Advanced Materials are not only in the labs, they're for real-life too. Join us to get acquainted with the promising start-ups in the field.

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The Power of Quantum

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The Beauty of Science

future of computing
quantum chance

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