Self-driving car technology: when will the robots hit the road?

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Watch our first online webinar “Self-driving car technology: When will robots hit the road?” During this one-hour webinar, you can learn more about the world’s first human and AI racing competition aka Roborace, and meet the championship favorite – Acronis SIT Autonomous racing team.


Meet your speakers

Ilya Shimchik
Team Principal, Acronis SIT Autonomous
Bryn Balcombe
Chief Strategy Officer, Roborace
Chris Medland
Motorsport journalist

You ask. We answer!

  • What is an autonomous car?
  • When will the self-driving revolution happen?
  • What’s the difference between autonomous, automated, and self-driving?
  • How do autonomous cars work?
  • What are the challenges of self-driving?
  • Any questions you submit live!

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