Watch the Alemira’s The Future of Education webinar and learn how your institution or business can maximize its online education and training offerings.


Alemira is an all-in-one digital ecosystem for universities, institutions and corporate learning. This global event, designed for businesses and institutions, introduces Alemira Virtual Labs, the advanced solution to online learning.

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The webinar will open with an exclusive press event followed by two sessions tailored to educational institutions and businesses.

Media and press will have the exclusive opportunity to hear from Alemira. For those interested in attending, please contact us at for more information.

Day 1: Online Education for Higher Education, Schools and Institutions

October 6, 2021 at 9am PST | 6pm CEST

Day 2: Online Corporate Training for Businesses

October 7, 2021 at 10am PST | 7pm CEST

Discover how your online classrooms could work today and gain insights on how programming courses will evolve in the coming years.

  • Simplify the online teaching experience for professors and instructors, streamlining course management and student interaction
  • Provide a unique, engaging and active online experience for learners
  • Take the next necessary step towards advancing your online programming education

Learn how you can provide advanced professional training to your employees with live, interactive online learning platforms. What’s in it for your business?

  • Discover how to better train employees, partners and clients more effectively and on a budget
  • Revolutionize your employee on boarding as well as your compliance and security training
  • Access new ways to get measurable returns on investment in corporate training
  • See how you can leverage your in-house training to attract top talent and new clients

Both sessions include exclusive demonstrations of Virtual Labs and Coding Labs, demonstrating the unique online learning solution available with the deployment of Alemira. Each session will close with a Q&A session, offering participants the chance to get answers to their most pressing questions.

Meet Our Speakers

Laurent Dedenis
CEO, Alemira
Sandra Loughlin
Head of Client Learning &
Talent Enablement at EPAM
Victor Batraev
Senior Product Director,
Bojana Milosevic
Head of PR / Events, SIT
Serguei Netessine
Senior Vice Dean for
Innovation and Global
Initiatives at The Wharton
Ilya Baimetov
CPO, Alemira
Laurent Meyer
Chief Executive Officer,
Propulsion Academy
Markus Gross
VP of Research At Disney

Hear From Our Partners
& Customers

“Alemira’s Virtual Lab helps us to better train the Acronis global ecosystem. It enables us to provide real use cases and live scenarios and scale significantly the number of partners we onboard.”

Righter Kunkel
Head of Acronis #CyberFit Academy

“We’ve helped tens of thousands of students to achieve their personal best and fostered a love of learning over the years. Having a reliable ERP solution in place gives customers even more confidence in what we do, preparing students to achieve success now and into the future.”

Ying-Jian Chan
ex-Chief Financial Officer, The Learning Lab

About Alemira

Alemira is a complete digital ecosystem for universities (including research), boot camps, and corporate training. The Active Learning ecosystem includes an AI-powered learning and authoring platform, data-driven collaborative research and a modelling platform, active educational content from renowned scientists, and organization transformation consulting services. Discover more on Alemira.

Interested in taking your education online with Alemira? Watch the webinar of get in touch for a personalized demo and see how Alemira can support your institution and business needs.