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How to improve learning 10X with SIT Alemira Active Labs

Provide professional training to your employees by developing Live Online Learning Platfrom

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How to train your employees, partners, and clients on a new system effectively and on a budget?

How to get a measurable return on investment in corporate training?

How to use your in-house training as leverage for attracting better employees and more clients?


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Discover SIT Alemira Active Labs

Explore how you can get better results from your online training. Find out how to increase learner engagement, scale your education in sync with your company’s needs, and use your training to widen your partner and client network.

Key topics:

  • SIT Alemira digital learning ecosystem
  • Active Learning and why it works
  • Best practices for using Active Labs
  • Q&A

Meet your speakers


9:00-9:05  Welcome

9:05-9:15  Keynote speech, Laurent Dedenis

9:15-9:25  Keynote speech, Ilya Baimetov

9:25-9:40  Alemira Active Lab: Product use-case and demo, Vasily Rudomanov

9:40-9:45  Product use case, Markus Bauer

9:45-10:00  Q&A

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When to use SIT Alemira Active Labs?

Self-paced hands-on software product training with automatic assessment for technicians

Instructor-led hands-on product workshops with automatic assessment for partner certifications

Self-paced hands-on software product training for sales

Why choose SIT Alemira Active Labs?

  • Reduce infrastructure costs by offload training environment
  • Benefit from a variety of lab assessment types, including the GUI-based option that doesn’t require technical skills from the lab creator
  • Provide 24/7 lab access for multiple users simultaneously
  • Access unique Lab recording which automate lab authoring
  • Reduce resource usage with isolated sandboxes, delivered for each user on-demand and deleted after the training
  • Access reusable environment templates

About SIT Alemira

SIT Alemira is a complete digital ecosystem for universities (including research), boot camps, and corporate training. The Active Learning ecosystem includes an AI-powered learning and authoring platform, data-driven collaborative research and a modelling platform, active educational content from renowned scientists, and organization transformation consulting services.

Interested in SIT Alemira Active Labs?

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